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About Alan Eggleston the Writer

I specialize in writing and editing for the Internet. For a hobby, I rewrite clichés. When I have time, I write blogs on books. And I spend a lot of time dabbling in social media, writing but mostly watching and learning. Why? Because through doing I learn and through learning I find new value to offer my clients in newer and better services.

When I worked as a writer and editor in the corporate world, I was fortunate to attend a lot of seminars and conferences. Most of them were put on by Folio: Magazine, but I attended others. I also worked on and earned my Masters in Communications and, separately, I took an html coding and design class. I love to learn, but I also love to find new value to add.

It's one thing to write - there are lots of writers out in the market. But it's another to keep finding new ways to provide value that other writers don't. In that same corporate world, I was the first to adapt to the computer. I was the first to adapt to the MAC world. I was the first to adapt to the Web. In each instance, I found ways to use those adaptations to benefit my job. Then I was rewarded with exciting new responsibilities (and raises and bonuses).

Today, I do the same thing for my clients. I am constantly looking for ways to benefit my clients. Sure, I'll write for you. But when I see something else that may benefit you, be sure you're going to hear about it. And when something may cause you a challenge, but sure I'm going to tell you, too.

Most writers will write you a Web page. I'll write you a Web page and the meta data that goes with it. I'll also suggest how to tie in social media if you'd like.

About E-Messenger Internet Consulting

I started e-Messenger Consulting Corp. in November 2001. It took me a month to decide on a name, but in the end I realized I wanted something that spoke to the electronic nature of my specialty: Writing for the electronic media (the Internet). Thus the e-Messenger. I also wanted to something to suggest more than simply writing, something that allowed me to lend my experience and expertise in privacy issues, communications planning and execution, and knowledge and skills in publications. Thus the Consulting. It worked for 10 years.

The problem was, the phone company kept putting my phone listing in the financial planning section of the phone book. No matter how many times I'd change it, they would put it right back. And Everyone refused to use the small "e" and hyphen in the name. In addition, "Corp." seemed kind of presumptuous to me. Corporations are usually big companies with thousands of employees - I am one guy who runs the company and empties the trash, no one in between.

Therefore, in 2011, I rebranded my company, renaming it
E-Messenger Internet Consulting, Inc. No one needs to get a knot in their knickers about the first letter, it says Internet so it shouldn't confuse anyone about what industry I'm in, and the Inc. at the end should reduce any notion that this is some big company with big pockets. I'm still just one guy!

The nice thing about being one guy is I'm not too big to care about my clients. I work very hard to keep them happy. I do as much for them as possible. The name of the company is really irrelevant because I'm the one serving the client.


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